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    MBT Garissa Women Shoes Flower

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MBT Garissa Women Shoes Flower is designed with special appearance. I think all ladies will love the style. We only sell the MBT Garissa Shoes Flower for all ladies lovers and the styles are in stock in total 500 pieces. Now we have sold 200 pairs. So if you need the new style, please be quick.


MBT Garissa Women Shoes Flower is not just a shoe. It is also a medical training device for the benefit of your health, fitness and beauty.Through the unique design of its multilayered sole, MBT transforms flat, hard, artificial surfaces into natural uneven surfaces, simulating the walking action of our barefoot ancestors.


Unlike conventional shoes that support and cushion your feet, the unique construction of MBT Garissa Women Shoes Flower challenges your sole, and the muscles used to form your posture, to be more active.


This reactive, more supportive muscle action increases shock absorption for joints and discs. Walking more upright not only looks better but automatically makes you healthier and stronger. Your back and joints are strengthened, circulation is increased and breathing is more efficient. MBT lengthens and strengthens your whole body while standing, walking or in gentle running.

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